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China Xinxiang Best Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

China Xinxiang Best Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2002, is located in Xinxiang, Henan Province, is a professional engaged in glass sand pellets production line equipment, glass beads production line equipment, grinding glass beads production line equipment,belt conveyor, vibrating screen, rotary vibration sieve, fighter hoist, vibration motor, non-standard mechanical processing and other industrial equipment. The company has 10 years of design and production capacity, and can according to the customer request custom production equipment and accessories, sturt to quality for development, to the credibility of survival.
"No best, only better", Best machinery will continue to make their contributions to the industrial development of the motherland, let "baisite" brand equipment, throughout every corner of the world, welcome customers come to visit the guidance.
Our company always considers Rigorous and pragmatic, Pioneering and innovative, Credibility and integrity management as our business purpose, and wo constant seek for the aim of Best quality mangement, Best price, Best service and Best credit and sincerely treat the customer as God. To this end, our company equip with the full-time quality inspection personnel and carry out the total quality management and establish perfect quality assurance system.
We can also specially manufacture and process the products as the special requirements of the customers and engineering projects. The strong technical force, perfect quality assurance system, advanced process equipment, rich experience in production, high professional spirit are the guarantee to our series of products to jointly win the awards. Both of the product pass rate and customer satisfaction rate are maintaining 100% for many years.
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