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  • Mobile mixer

    Mobile mixer 2017-04-25

    Mixer introduction Mixer uses: This machine belongs to the movable glass bead mixer mixing plastic and semi dry hard glass beads the mixing drum is transferred mixing and reverse discharging each tank ...
  • Magnetic separator

    Magnetic separator 2017-04-25

    Magnetic separator products overview: Magnetic separator is one of the most widely used and widely used machines in the industry field. It is suitable for the separation of magnetic materials with diff...
  • Glass micro bead sieve proportioning equipment

    Glass micro bead sieve proportioning equipment 2017-04-25

    Glass micro bead sieve proportioning equipment Device name Model Number Remarks Electricity Bucket chain hoist 0.4meter*3.8 meter 1set 4T / R 2.2KW Watermagnetic separator 350mm*350mm 2 set 2Tons per h...
  • Vertical mixer

    Vertical mixer 2017-04-25

    Horizontal vertical mixer model has several models such as 250/350/400/500/750/1000. The series mixer is at home and abroad advanced and ideal models with a high degree of automation good mixing qualit...
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