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Horizontal belt conveyer

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Horizontal belt conveyer
Overview of TD series horizontal belt conveyor:
Belt conveyor is a belt conveyor for short, there are fixed and mobile, simple structure, high efficiency. Continuous conveying machinery with flexible conveying belt as material carrying and pulling member. The upper and the lower branches of the driving drum and the two rollers of the roller are respectively arranged on the upper and the lower branches of the roller and the roller. The material in the branch, and the material conveying operation with the use of friction between the cylinder and the rolling traction belt. Suitable for the in level and oblique direction transporting bulk grain materials and items, and can also be used for the assembly line operation of a certain process. The structure is simple, the work is stable and reliable, and the material adaptability is strong, the conveying capacity is large, the power consumption is small, and the application is wide.

The main features of TD series horizontal belt conveyor:
The belt conveyor has the characteristics of simple structure, easy maintenance, low energy consumption and low cost:
1, can transport a wide variety of materials, you can transport a variety of bulk materials, but also can transport a variety of cardboard boxes, packaging bags, such as light weight products, but also can be used for large supermarket cash register goods delivery, use a wide range of.
2, the belt conveyor structure forms, slot machine belt, flat belt machine, climbing belt machine, roll belt machine, turn belt conveyor, conveyor belt can also be added to the stack. The side baffles, skirts and other accessories, can meet a variety of technological requirements.
3, belt conveyor using a special food grade conveyor belt, can meet the food. Pharmacy。 Requirement of daily chemical industry.
4, the transmission is stable, there is no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt, which can avoid the damage to the conveyor.
5, compared with other conveyor noise is smaller, suitable for working environment requires more quiet occasions.

Standard Specification for TD series horizontal belt conveyor:

Wide bandwidth(mm0
Transport volume(m³/n)
Belt speed(m/s)
0.8 1.0 1.25 1.6 2.0 2.5 3.15 4.0
Conical support chain 500 78 87 122 155 181 232    
650 131 184 266 264 323 391    
800   278 348 445 546 661 824  
1000   435 544 690 853 1033 1233  
1200   655 818 1048 1284 1556 1858 2202
1400   881 1115 1427 1748 2118 2528 2996
Flat chain 500 41 52 66 84 103 125    
650 67 88 110 142 174 211    
800 118 147 184 236 289 350    
1000   230 288 368 451 546    
1200   345 432 553 677 821    
1400   480 588 753 922 1117    

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