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  • Grinding Glass Beads Washer

    Grinding Glass Beads Washer 2017-04-25

    The grinding of glass beads to burn out from the furnace carbon black oil and other impurities on the surface finish is not enough the cleaning equipment the grinding beads to smooth translucent. When ...
  • Grinding Glass Beads Dryer

    Grinding Glass Beads Dryer 2017-04-25

    After cleaning the grinding beads into the dryer the motor drive under the pipe with the rotation in the process of grinding beads fully heated. After drying grinding beads out of the pipe mouth....
  • 4 tubes Grinding glass bead fired furnace

    4 tubes Grinding glass bead fired furnace 2017-04-25

    Grinding Glass Beads fired furnace is the company developed a new generation of products divided into single-tube furnace and fired multi-barrel firing furnace....
  • Coloured glass bead burning furnace

    Coloured glass bead burning furnace 2017-04-25

    The color glass bead burning furnace is a new generation product developed by the company which is divided into two pipes four tubes and six tube burning furnaces. The material hoist sends the raw mate...
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